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10 Best AliExpress Finds Pt. 1

Let's be honest, AliExpress is a vault of infinite treasures where you can find products from fashionable tops to poach egg maker. I get lost in the black hole often, trust me, it goes on forever.

Although it is one of the largest e-commerce banks of affordable items globally, AliExpress is also a whole new world. If you are out of luck, you will come up short very often. I like to think about AliExpress shopping as an extreme sport that I continue to get skilled at.

The good news is that I am here to take the guessing game out of your shopping! Here are my top 10 Fashion Finds:

Black Tulle - US $16.80

I purchased "Black" and "Smoke Grey"

I purchased "Yellow"

Mesh Ruffle Top - US $16.99

I purchased "Blue" and "Nude"

Ruffled Blue Top - US $19.89

Utility Belt - US $9.95

I purchase "Orange 2", "White" and "Green"

Beaded Headband - US $2.34

I purchased "Color 4"

I purchased "Dark Green"

Turtle Neck Set - US $24.99

I purchased "Light Grey"

I purchased "Flower"

White Hat - US $21.77

I purchased "Style 2"

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I love your style and the way you use inexpensive clothes to create glamorous look. Please can you give us more of Aliexpress must get items. Thanks



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