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3 Smoothie & juice subscriptions you should TRY

Just like there's an app for everything, the new business model wave has turned towards subscription services. From flowers to coffee and even clothing, subscription boxes are here to stay.

A subscription is essentially a product or service that deliver periodically based on a specified fee. Now the smoothie and juice companies have figured out a way to enter the chat.

Here are 3 that are worth checking out:

With 15 smoothie flavors that range from sweet berries mixes to green smoothies, Revive Superfoods is definitely worth a try. The options go beyond smoothies to savoury instant ready-to-go servings like bean/green supermeals, oats and even falafel pops!

The smoothies arrive with the fruits chopped and frozen in a cup. You need to blend with your choice of beverage. The cups have space for a straw and can be used to enjoy your smoothie. One time for product reuse saving the planet.

Revive has weekly and monthly subscriptions available where customers can select a custom or preselected box of 9, 12, or 24 cups for the weekly plan or 12, 24 cups for the monthly plan.

The minimum 9-cup plan costs about USD 54.00 (CAD 63.00)

Oh and their products are 100% dairy free!

Famous for its appearance on Dragon's Den, Evive is another interesting smoothie brand to check out.

With 10 flavors available, each one with at least one vegetable, there is a broad range to choose from. The smoothies come already blended and in cubes arranged in what the company calls a "wheel". Most of the advertising for Evive features adding a beverage to your mug/mason jar and shaking. No blending required.

The savory flavor options with Evive Nutrition also come blended, from Golden Curry to Mac Squash, no solid meal options here.

For subscription options, customers can order 12, 24 or 36 wheels and select the frequency of delivery.

For a minimum order of 12 wheels, this will cost about USD40.00 (CAD 53.00).

If you are looking for non-smoothie and something lighter, cold pressed juices are a great option. These are perfect for a cleanse. Greenhouse cold-pressed juices come in two sizes, 300 mL and 946 mL.

The brand also has some immune boosters that are a great pick-me-up and oh yes! Some shakes too. Don't look for meals here, this is a liquid fest.

Juices come in a bottle and orders require that customers create their own "crate". There is a lot of flexibility with Greenhouse subscription, as long as customers meet a minimum order of $29 for delivery. At checkout, you can toggle between frequency or a one-off purchase.

It's also exciting that Greenhouse created different kits that target specific goals e.g. Low Sugar Kit and Immunity Kit.




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