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So I recently asked a group of random people what they thought about the idea of Freelancing. Besides the genuine wonder that this was a real thing that is part of the professional landscape, I got some expected cliches that I will be taking apart ghostbuster-style.

It is Impossible to earn money via the Internet or working from home I hope this is not you, this better not be you. Strange as it may seem, there are many who do not believe that sufficient income can be made online or outside of full time work.

But there is a large and growing “Gig Economy” that relies on short-term gigs as their primary income. In the US, a third of the workforce, a whopping 57 million workers are Freelancers. Large corporations are also leaning towards increasing their percentage of “flexible” workers. So Stay Woke, Freelancing is Here to Stay!

Freelancing is only for Experts Well, first of all, everyone is probably an “expert” in something. It can be proofreading documents, typing quickly, flipping awesome pancakes or making a really good cup of hot chocolate. The point is, there is no special exclusive League of Experts that can enter into the Freelancer Club. 

Freelancing gigs range from developing a mobile application to preparing business plans and creating a professional CV for a client. Whatever skills you have can be put to good use as a freelancer in different capacities. To pay homage a boss babe Icon, “You can be a Freelancer! You can be a Freelancer! Everybody can be a Freelancer!” Got it? Good.

You can’t make Real Money off Freelancing Excuse Me! Does anyone pay Monopoly money for work done? Didn’t think so. This is a tragic misconception people have about Freelancing when the reality is, that people will pay you thousands of dollars to proofread their documents. Yes. You read that right, thousands of dollars. Let’s call it a Fancy Name, Copy Writing. This does not change that you, Yes, You! Can  Be a Freelancer.

Freelancers can earn up to $150 per hour. Let’s crunch some numbers, that is $6,000 for a single working week. Assume only 50% of that time is paid, that’s still $12,000 a month. In case, you think these numbers are exaggerated, I would point you to Upwork, Fiverr and other Freelance websites. Ladies and Gentlemen, you can indeed make good money Freelancing.

I can’t Freelance when I have a Job This is somewhat understandable because a lot of us would rather kick up our shoes and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. In reality, you can use some of that time to make some money. Freelancing can essentially be your side hustle.

Of course if you are an Investment Banking Analyst getting barely 4 hours of sleep a night  (*shudders at the memory of those dark days*), this message is Not for you. Exit Stage, Left on this entire article. But for everyone else, literally scanning the internet for what new shows to watch, put that time to good use. Your bank account will thank you.

Freelancing is an Unreliable Income Stream Although there is some truth to this, it is not entirely accurate. The beauty of Freelancing is in fact in the diversification of your income sources. We can’t say the same for companies that fire hundreds when there is downtime. With Freelancing, you have various clients across industries. There is also scheduling of clients so you can have a bit of control over when your income actually comes in, but that is a conversation for another day.

Agreed, this still does not match the constant deposit you see in your bank account each month. There are some highs and lows which can actually be an advantage for a Freelancer.I’m not saying draft your Resignation Letter and quit the 9 to 5. Quite the opposite actually, I am saying Make More Money to supplement your full-time or part-time job. 

Freelancing to Financial Freedom

This is 100% new information for some of you and you haven’t got the slightest clue about where to get started. The reality is that Freelancing is a real career and true source of supplementary income. I've never met anyone who said no to making more money.

Don’t get bugged down by not knowing where to start. The Impact Lately team is curating our very own Freelancer Bootcamp Course to help you along the way. In the meantime, we will share as much as we can to get you started on your journey to Making More Money!



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