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Perhaps the most common question I get asked for Freelance newcomers is what to do. If you don’t have a business idea, skills that you trust to use for income or you’re just plain scared, then this post is for you.

It is two months to the end of the year, and if you are anything like me, the bank account is still not at your target. So this is your time to kick things into high gear.

Proofreading / Editing

I know what you’re thinking, people actually pay for this? They don’t bully friends and family to get this done? To be honest, when I think about how viciously I edit documents for people in my network, I should really be paid. Ok…enough about my bitter pro bono proofing reality.

The online proofreading market is massive. From resumes to essays, books and manuscripts, there is a whole range of services people are looking for. So if you spend hours watching Youtube videos, just open an extra tab and get some work in. My favourite freelancer platform, Upwork, has tons of proofing work so sign up now to earn away.

Transcription Services

To be clear, freelance transcription involves typing up from recorded or live audio files and converting these into text for clients. There is demand for this service even in the corporate world for earnings calls, focus groups or interviews for journalists. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you but just in case you don’t realize, you actually need a laptop and some knowledge of typing to even consider this option as a freelancer.

This is a real option for making money online and fast. The most exciting part about transcription services is that you don’t need any super technical skills to get started. Instead of going to bed early or being bored on the train, you just plug in some earphones and get to typing. A great place to start for beginners is Transcribe Me and you can earn up to $40 right from your bed. You can also get some transcription projects on, wait for it.... Upwork.

Affiliate Marketing

Don’t run because you see the word “marketing”, relax this is not as scary as you may think. Affiliate marketers are paid a commission for referrals and selling products or services that you don’t actually create. How can you do this?

  • Sharing coupons online and receive a percentage of sales

  • Recommending a book and earn a commission

Affiliate marketing is such a popular method for companies right now because it outsources some advertising work on a revenue-sharing basis. This is awesome for business to focus on actual operations. Of course, the additional benefit is accessing different markets, so if you find a product or service you can blast on all your social media channels, JUMP ON IT! Who uses affiliate marketers? Here are a few sites to check out Amazon, Shopify and Rakuten.

De-Clutter and Cha-ching!

This will require you actually stepping away from your laptop and going through your things to figure out what you can let go of. Anything you have not worn or used in six months, well you can probably do without it. Be creative here, the random food processor you got as a wedding gift and never used; the dress you bought and vowed to lose weight to fit in but never did. There is wider acceptance for pre-loved possessions, so don’t be scared to put them out there. The top online market places for pre-loved items are Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp or Poshmark.

So don’t leave your furniture, clothing, and appliances collecting dust in a random closet. Just take high-quality pictures, write a good description that literally sings and sells them online.

Online Surveys

I bet you didn’t realize you could make money from filling out surveys. Well, once again you are welcome. I take spreading the side hustle gospel very personal so I’m pulling back the curtains on the tricks of the trade. First of all, let’s establish that you will probably not become a millionaire off this. So if you are side hustling for a strong substantial flow of income, you’re going to have to combine this with a couple of others.

While some sites give you points that you can redeem in other stores, others give outright cash. On some sites you can earn up to $8 an hour which is not a lot but if you were going to be sitting around doing nothing, then at least answer a few questions for some bucks! Some of the top sites I have come across are OpinionPost, SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks so try them out.

I am always excited to share information on freelancing so if you have feedback or ideas, send an email to Remember, these side hustle ideas may or may not fit into your life but again that is up to you. The ultimate goal is life on your own terms so don’t fall into the hamster wheel of doing yet another stressful thing for extra money.




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