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So it’s easy for people to advise you to start Side Hustle, but this is worth the amount you paid for the free advice, nothing! Deciding what exactly to do is the real hard work and I would love to get you started.

First of all, let’s agree what a Side Hustle is:

  • A means of income that you generate outside of your 9 to 5 or formal employment

  • Something you are passionate about and don’t get a chance to do at your full-time job

  • Flexible work that you can combine with your full-time job

To be clear, a side hustle is not just a hobby that has no path to earning some money. It’s also not something that you don’t actually enjoy doing or something that sucks the life out of you. This second point is extremely important because loving your side hustle will keep you going when thing get complicated.

Next stop, figuring things out:

Start with the Why

Everyone has their reasons for considering a side hustle and there are no right or wrong answers. There is only your own personal motivation and that is what matters most. You need to understand that side hustles don’t typically have employment contracts, you are really in contract with yourself.

So let’s get into the Why:

  • Do you need to earn just a bit more money?

  • Is it more like a whole lot of money?

  • Is it something outside of work that makes you feel fulfilled?

  • Are you looking to develop skills to help with your full time job?

Use What You Have

Everyone is an expert at something, you just need to find and unlock. When deciding your side hustle, don’t start by figuring out what you can learn and leverage for income. That will probably take a lot of time and you may very lose steam before you even get started.

So let’s figure out your valuable skills. For this step, make a list of things you know how to do. What did you learn in school? What have you learned through your work experience? What comes naturally to you that other people can not so as easily? In fact, perhaps you should ask your friends and colleagues what they think you are good at. This may open up a whole new world of ideas you never even thought about.

Pay Close Attention

It is an amazing time to be alive because for the first time in history information is free and ridiculously accessible. So milk this opportunity. Keep your eyes and ears open to the world around you. What do people spend money on? What else do they need to buy to support their needs?

Your idea doesn’t always have to be this “Eureka!” moment or some out of the box concept that has never been tried out. It can be something vanilla. What product or service needs to be tweaked? What is being done in another market that can be replicated in yours?

Make a List

A great way to figure out your side hustle is to make a list of problems; be careful because in today’s wild world it may be a really long list. This brainstorming process will likely unearth ideas that are worth exploring and in the process will be a compass to earning some income.

Tick Tock, Clock’s Up

Before you even decide to start your side hustle, you need to understand how much time you can actually spend doing it. How much time will this take up? Can you only do this at evenings and be successful at it? Will it balance with your life or make you feel overwhelmed?

So create a schedule of all your current commitments and some downtime to make sure you can absolutely kill this side hustle game.

For more help to get you started, download my FREE RESOURCE GUIDE.

Freelance and Side Hustle Handbook

You are welcome!




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