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The Best Pajama Sets for Fall

First of all, can we all agree on whether to call it “pajama” or “pyjama”? Because your girl gets confused all the time.

Anyways I’ve never really been crazy about sleepwear, my style is typically a casual t-shirt dress. Then when I want to switch things up and be sexy, I go all the way to the left with the sheer stuff. Think Dita Von Teese with a lot more inches on the waist. LOL!

Somehow, this year, I have been bombarded by a lot of stylish sleepwear and I have had to actually pay attention. Thanks, Instagram Ads! My head finally turned when I spotted a few of my favorite influencers in this Sleeper set.

Sleeper Party feather-trimmed crepe de chine pajama set

It is so lush and those feathers are a big yes for me. But the gleam in my eye died immediately I saw the price. The bargain hunter in me just could not and still cannot reconcile spending $320 (about CAD $421) on a pajama set. So I took several seats and continued my search for the perfect one.

Then I discovered how La Vie En Rose absolutely delivered in this sleepwear category with some pretty gorgeous sets so I have finally joined the pajama set club. Let’s just say I went a bit overboard when I realized it was a buy one, get one free deal. Eek!

La Vie En Rose Set matching my Starbucks Thermal Cup

This colorful floral set from La Vie En Rose is one of my favourites because the shorts pick up on the green in the top and stops it from being too matchy.

La Vie En Rose Pajama Set perfect for lounging at home

If you’re thinking monochrome, this La Vie En Rose foliage set is definitely a hit! It is cuffed at the wrists and ankles for a super stylish look.

And, if you’re like me and always up for a deal, then La Vie En Rose is definitely a first stop to make on your pajama set exploration journey.

I tip my hats off to Victoria’s Secret too because they've released some interesting pajama sets that are perfect for fall and probably winter. It's not a brand I would binge on yet because is a bit pricier but they’re having lots of sales as well. So worth checking out.

Victoria's Secret Pajama Set

You can never go wrong with this classic Victoria's Secret black pajama set. If you look closely, you may spot the embossed polka dots and this satin just feels like butter on my skin.

So if you’ve been spotting pajama/pyjama sets and thinking about buying it, you probably should because:

  • It is getting pretty cold so these pants and long-sleeved shirts are KEY for survival

  • Pajama sets are not only for sleeping; we should probably call them loungewear at this point and not sleepwear

  • Let’s be honest, we’re all probably working from home for at least the rest of 2020 so we might as well look cute while we hang in our home offices

  • There are many more deals on gorgeous sets

Are you hopping on the pajama set train?




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